Genuine dollhouse miniature bespaq Rocaille armchair chair 1:12 scale 163002

New dollhouse miniature carved Rocaille armchair made by Bespaq Genuine Bespaq in 1:12 scale

This listing is from Platinum Collection that was designed for Town Square Minitures

All items are new unless otherwise stated.

As an authorized Bespaq dealer, I am proud to bring you the best of the best in luxury dollhouse miniature furniture .

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Bespaq dollhouse furniture is a range of miniature furniture made specifically for the serious miniature collectors and is amongst the best quality and most desirable so like many designer products it is much copied.

Fake Bespaq dollhouse furniture is easily identifiable by its inferior color quality and build quality and it is often not manufactured using the correct carefully selected cuts of timber nor does it receive the same level of intricate hand painting and finishing.

Genuine Bespaq miniatures are stunning in craftsmanship, quality, and presentation. A true representation of the finest in quality dollhouse furniture .

Bespaq dolls house furniture has been available for some 20 years. The " father" of Bespaq dolls house furniture is Pit Ginsburg , an American based in San Francisco.

The combination of a life long interest in fine furniture and a penchant for creating outstanding miniature settings, led to him
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