Genuine 8" Ganjuwal / Ganjawal Parawal Gurkha Kukri Khukuri Knife Dharan, Nepal

8” Ganjuwal Parawal Khukuri Knife – Wooden Handle from Dharan, Nepal

Ganjuwal is farmer choice khukuri and multi tool kukri. This is one of the traditional khukuri/kukri design which derives its name from the Ganjawal village in far eastern Nepal. This khukuri has beautiful colorful design on scabbard and the scabbard is made of buffalo leather. This khukuri not only comes with sharpener (Chakmak) and small knife (Karda) at the back but also with tweezers, ear-picker, chisel tooth pick and a pouch to keep dust for flint maker. There is always one extra empty hole also to keep pencil, pen, etc.

10" Parawal Ganjawal is leather compact version of the khukuri/kukri that is handcrafted in the himalayan kingdom of Nepal. It has a strong highly graded carbon steel blade which is strong enough to cut wood or bone! The handle is made from rosewoode. This khukuri/kukri also has a beautifully decorated scabbard. The handle is very practicle and beautiful. The craftsmanship on this khukuri/kukri knife is amazing. This is one of the most beautiful khukuri/kukri knives one can carry and it is also very usefull and unqiue with bunch of useful tools.

This Ganjawal khukuri/kukri comes two pockets on the back of the scabbard which hold a sharpener called "chakmak" for sharpening the blade or for striking spark from flint and a lilttle
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