Genuine Leather Biker CHAPS L Gloves Skull Cap RRCSETB

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Genuine Leather Motorcycle Chaps Gloves Mask Skull Cap

Brand Name: Rebel Ryder™
Authentic Design from the Rebel Ryder Collection
RRCHAP: Rebel Ryder "Stone Leather" Motorcycle Chaps. A great set of chaps from Rebel Ryder. These chaps will afford you the protection you need when riding the open road. They are made thick enough to offer you a much needed level of protection, but soft enough to keep you comfortable. Cut for comfort and trimmed with silver colored hardware, they are double stitched at stress points.
Size: Large
Retail $59.95
JLHALF1: Rebel Ryder Leather Fingerless Gloves. The ever-popular "half gloves" in solid lamb skin. Comfort, durability and style for the sports enthusiast, weight lifter, motorcycle rider, or those who just want "the look".
Size: Large
Retail $19.95
RRMASK: Rebel Ryder "Stone Leather" Face Mask. Protect your face when cycling (motor or bike) in cold weather with this Rebel Ryder "Stone Leather" Face Mask. The one size fits all mask features adjustable closure and a 2" breathing space with nose protector.
Size: One Size Fits All
Retail $19.95
RRSKULL:Rebel Ryder Genuine Leather Skull Cap. On those really cold, windy days this skull cap will keep your head warm while biking.
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