You are bidding on a GENUINE NATIVE AMERICAN PEACE PIPE (CALUMET). This ARTIFACT comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that is SIGNED BY THE ARTIST , and numbered with the artist's Navajo Tribal Registry/Census number . It measures approximately 8" long, by 13" high (hanging height). The pipe bowl section is hand carved simulated DEER ANTLER that is about 4" long. The stem is covered sith DEER SKIN leather , and has a wooden mouthpiece. It is covered with a BEADWORK Sleeve, natural Turkey Feathers , Horse Hair , REAL Colored CROW Beads , and DEER HIDE Leather Lace , BONE Fragment , and Miniature Medicine Bag . It is a usable ceremonial item, sealed to draw as a real, functional pipe. With its hanging lanyard, this pipe also makes an absolutely stunning display item for anyone with Southwestern or Native American Decor, or interests. The Calumet is used by Native Americans in councils. Smoking a peace pipe was a sign that the smoker gave his pledge of honor. It was thought that the smoke made one think more clearly. Medicine men used it in ceremonies to heal sickness, and to ward off danger and trouble.

As these are individually HAND MADE, some colors and components will vary slightly. This photograph is an accurate sample, and very closely resembles the item you will receive - in size, shape, and appearance. I don 't
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