Genuine, Original WWII Messerschmitt Bf109 German Aircraft Tachometer

Genuine, original, WWII Messerschmitt 109 tachometer. 3 1/4" dia. Face. Just behind the dark part of the pointer is the part # FL20227, which is the correct part # for a German Messerschmitt Bf 109, or some call a Me-109. The silver color oval tag on rear is stamped 10056, which is the serial number. Probably never used before. The one shown, is the one you are bidding on. The drive at rear, turns, appears to be in good working order, but this is sold as a collectors/museum display item, only. I have seen ones with same face layout on other WWII German aircraft, as well. The Bf 109 (or Me 109, if you prefer) was the most famous of all WWII German fighters. Makes a GREAT Christmas present! (Luftwaffe, warbird, fighter, aircraft, military aircraft, WKII, flugzeug) See my other auctions