Genuine pay phone, coin phone, payphone for home use //

You are bidding on an actual Western Electric public coin pay phone . (Last seen hanging on the wall at a 7-eleven or some other joint).

This phone has been refurbished, buffed out and made to work directly with your home phone jack. This phone is in great shape and is definitely a collectible item. They are 100% authentic and work perfectly. They work just like any other phone (incoming and outgoing calls), and would be a great addition to any shop, bar, den etc. They even have the old style "clapper" type ringer that is also adjustable. Pay phones are going away at a fast rate but you can own your own and keep it forever. And if you want to personalize your phone, the tags that are above and below the handset can be easily changed to say whatever you want your phone to say on it. And the phones that I am selling now have a black coin box cover as seen in the photos. (Some of them have the "bell" symbol on them and some don't). They are nicely packaged and easy to setup. This phone comes complete with:

1.Steel mounting screws

2.set of drywall/wood screws

3.original coin box (Included with phone at no extra charge)

4.opening key cord

6.installation instructions

7.everything you need to install it

8.heavy duty mounting plate

This phone
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