Genuine Southwest Navajo Rug Weaving by Mary Yazzie

Genuine Southwest Navajo Rug Weaving by Mary Yazzie
This is a beautiful Native American Indian rug by Mary A. Yazzie. This is a very striking pattern with a black, gray and red design against a natural color background that is pleasing to the eye.
This rug measures 35 inches by 36.5 inches (almost square). The weaving on this Navajo weaving is very tight. I am not sure of the age of this but I purchased this in the early 90's in the New Mexico area. It is at least 13 years old and possibly older, depending on when it was made.
T are no holes, rips or tears on this weaving. A bit of surface dirt can be seen on the light colored border but it does not take away from the beauty of this rug. This has been used as a wall hanging and never displayed on the floor.
The photograph shows the front and back of the original tag that came with the rug. (I attached the tag to the back of the rug with a safety pin when it was used as a wall hanging,) You can tell by the tag that the weaver is Mary A Yazzie. The wording on the "Area" line that is written in is a little hard to see - the last part of the tag reads "Eye Dazzler". The first few handwritten words are hard to read. The third line shows the price I paid in the early 1990's as $860.
Don't miss out on this chance to own this beauty by Mary A Yazzie. The design
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