Genuine Spanish Pieces of Eight

Genuine Spanish Pieces of Eight

Six that was recovered from the

Nuestra Senora de las Maravillas

A Certificate of Authenticity goes with each coin.

Bound for Spain during a violet winter storm in January1656 the Maravillas strayed off course and collided with another ship in her convoy. She sunk that dark night laden with silver, cold, jewelry, and precious gems, in the shallow waters off the Little Bahamas Bank. T was an immense loss of life, with only 45 of the 650 passengers and crew surviving. Three hundred thirty years ago, these coins was aboard Maravillas, believed to be the second most valuable treasure ship ever to sink in the New World.

A large portion of the bullion from the New World mints was shipped to Spain in the form of coinage referred to as " colas," pieces of gold or silver that were chopped from flat bars of refined bullion. Having then been trimmed to the desired weight, these pieces of precious metal were heated and laboriously hand-hammered between crudely engraved dies. The rough surface and irregular circumference of the blank "colas" prevented well defined strikes; consequently legends are frequently missing or only partially visible, making every coin absolutely unique. Coins of gold are called " Escudos;" Silver coins are known as " Reales."

This group of coins
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