Genuine Swedish Army Leather Ammo Pouch Bandolier. Star Wars Tusken Raider Jawas

This listing is for a Genuine Swedish Army Brown Leather Ammunition pouch / Bandolier.
A unique item in very good condition, it looks and feels incredible, the leather is soft and pliable and all the metal fixings are in working order. This bandolier has been treated with neatsfoot compound to preserve it whilst it was in long term storage.
A 5 pouch belt, each pouch can be filled or half filled and has 4 size settings.
The Swedish rifle ammunition belt was made of a high grade of leather and canvas. The ammunition pouches form part of the belt an each pocket is capable of carrying 60 rounds. The brass buckle is made with a simple hook, that will allow the belt to be removed without adjusting the buckles position. The water bottle and bayonet can be attacked to the belt, and there are two metal squared "Dees" on the upper front edge of the belt to allow a strap or the� knapsackstraps to fix to assist in bearing the weight of the laden belt.
These bandoliers were worn in Star Wars by the Sand People, mainly the Tusken Raiders and Jawa as ammo pouches across the chest and are in great demand by the 501st Legion and other Star Wars costumers.
Payment must be made within 24 hours of the end of the sale.