Genuine Turkish cymbal blank 19" (Bosphorus)

This is a genuine cymbal blank from Turkey which was cast by cymbal smiths who used to work for the Bosphorus cymbal company. The metal is B20 bronze (used in most high-end cymbals including; Zildjian A Custom, A, Z, Z3, Armand, K, K Custom, FX, Sabian HH, HHX, AA, AAX, Paragon, most Istanbul Agop and Mehmet series, the entire Bosphorus range and more...).
I purchased this blank (and a few more which will be on ebay soon) directly from the Turkish factory with the intention of creating an entire set of cymbals which were hammered by myself but instead I only used a couple and the rest are now for sale. The weight is 1641g which I would consider either a medium thin crash or thin ride. Due to the weight there is no need to lathe unless you want to.
This blank has already been annealed and is ready for cold-hammering. All you would need is to smooth off the edges and hammer with an anvil, ball-peen (pein) hammer(s). A good ear also helps! You would also need a planishing hammer if you're going for a Bosphorus Master Vintage style finish.
There is quite a lot of information on the internet and a couple of books on the subject of cymbals and cymbal making but i f you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask...
Thanks for looking and

I have had a query about how long I have had the blanks for and that

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