Genuine Vintage 10k white gold Masonic ( Freemason ) ring

Genuine Vintage 10k gold Masonic ( Freemason ) ring

Ring weighs around 6.10 grams of 10k white gold Ring measure 16mm ( top ) Shank 3.75mm Finger size : Unknown - Think it's size 10, maybe 10.5 Inside of shank stamped with “10K” Masonic, Masonry, Fraternal style ring.

I am not a jeweler so I am listing tothe best of my ability but I believe the above is accurate. I am not a Mason either but my Grandfather (born in 1887) was a member of over 50 years. I have not altered or cleaned the ring but as you should be able to see, it appears in excellent condition especially considering it is probably close to 100 years old.

Anyway, I am hoping someone with interest in the Masons purchase this item and save it from a life in storage. I based the starting price on research and feel its fair (50% below retail). Please feel free to email if you have any questions and look for other items I am listing.

Shipment with USPS flat rate small box $5.80. Insurance can be added if requested.

Look for other Freemason items I am selling. Will combine for lower shipping costs.

UPDATE: I downloaded a ring size chart and it looks like the ring is a size 10.