Genuine Vintage Natural Blonde Palomino Mink Real Fur Dress Coat Jacket 8 - 10

Vintage furs havebecome very fashionable and the most desirable this season. For all those who follow and keep up to date with the latest and "hottest" fashion, we are able to offer to you today a genuine vintage coat that was hand crafted in the 60's.

An amazing real mink knee length dress coat in a gorgeous palomino/natural blonde shade! Made from carefully selected mink pelts to a special order by Fenwick, French Salon in the 60’s, this coat boasts quality and style of the highest degree! A timeless and elegant style!

The mink fur of the coat is very soft, lightweight, gorgeous and silky to the touch with a wonderful glossy sheen. The fur is strong with thick and soft under-fur and without any kind of damage.

This coat has been crafted ideally as evening wear/dress coat with a small nicely shaped single-faced collar and two edge to edge closures. The coat hangs really beautifully!

The coat is fully lined in matching ivory/pearl silky fabric with random crown motive. The lining looks a bit tired and has some signs of general wear and a few odd spots that tend to be more noticeable due to the lining being a light colour but it is all intact and still has plenty of wear left. It has been monogrammed by a previous owner.

It is a really beautiful piece of vintage fur fashion and is guaranteed
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