Genz Benz Diablo 100

Genz Benz El Diablo 100 and G-Flex 4x12 speaker cabinet
Introducing EL DIABLO 100, an EL 34 powered 100/50 watt tube head from Genz Benz. Finally, an amplifier with the tone, expression and features worthy enough to match our "world class" guitar enclosures.
Only from GENZ BENZ will you find such well-appointed and bulletproof reliability that is the heart of this DEMON!! From the flick of the POWER ON toggle switch, the liquid blue glow is an expression of this tone machine's warmth and uniqueness. The design of the tube power section is capable of utilizing EL 34's, 6L6's or 5881 power tubes to suit each player's artistic pallet.
Also, lurking inside this beast is a dual channel tube preamp platform, with the incredible capability of 12 unique and distinctive remote tone variations, easily accessible by the 5 button footswitch. Additionally, an Accutronics® long pan reverb is aboard for added lush character. Even when it comes to transporting EL DIABLO, our unique "EDGE LIFT" handles will give you the assurance of total control over this road-worthy amplifier.
El Diablo 100 Features:
• Two Independent Tube Channels
• Six Triode Preamp Stages (3-12AX7 Tubes)
• Four Power Tubes (ships w/Ruby Tube EL 34's)
• EL34 or 6L6 Power Tube Capability
• Rear Panel Bias Pot
• Five Button Footswitch
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