GeoIII Oak Lowboy.

This is a nice genuine piece of furniture. A c1800, Lowboy or Side Table.

The three plank top above four moulded front, Oak lined drawers, complete with original brassware. All stood on tapering legs.

Country furniture, is not my area of expertise but this appears 'untouched' and has not been stripped or polished etc. You might want to clamp the joint cracks up on the top, but I like it, as is. The drawers are of course, Oak lined and it does have the odd 'time honoured scar', as would be expected. It's a little higher than usual too, so I guess the servants didn't mop around it much and rot the legs!

33.5"h x 36"w x 19.5"d. c1800.

I'm happy to supply further pictures and any inspection welcome.