Georg Neumann & Co. Textbook **Microphone Design** U-47

Up for bin is a .pdf CD file of the book:
*Elektroakustisches Taschenbuch*
By Erich Rickmann and Hans Heyda
Founders Georg Neumann & CO.
Electrotechnisches Laboratorium
'Neumann Microphone Company'
c1944 264pp
Did you know that the two guys who started the Neumann Microphone Co.
wrote a audio engineering textbook? They did, and it's full of information that
they thought would be most important for their design engineer's to access.
is a link to a chapter of the Neumann Microphone Company book:
If you scroll to the bottom of the second page, you will see a note regarding the very text I'm offering in .pdf format. It's called * Elektroakustisches Taschenbuch * This is a very, very rare and cool book. Published just after WWII in 1944 this small format text is in GERMAN but the info, math, diagrams and photo's are universal. The book starts off with a general math, materials, tables, etc. refresher and then goes into stuff like capsule and transformer design. Record lathes are also covered (AM 31 era) along with speakers, con- denser microphones and other audio engineering fodder. The back has a sec- tion with nice photo's of all the gear that Neumann was producing in 1944. This is the textbook used during the period when
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