George Bush's "Read My Lips, No New Taxes"...signed....#88 of 175!!

Own a piece of history with this very limited edition of 1999 Read My Lips, No New Taxes. Very limited edition #88 of 175 copies signed and numbered! Note that the #88 serial number is the same as the year these words uttered by then President Bush during his 1988 campaign for the Presidency. Of course, these infamous words would come back to haunt him in what was called the "1990 Budget Deal" where several budget cuts were proposed and a $500 billion dollar tax increase was implemented. During this time in history, there was of course, to make matters worse for him, a Democratically controlled Congress. It was a huge political risk for then President Bush to support this proposal as even members of his own party pulled their support. The author, Dan Ostrander registered many hours and years compiling the information needed to be consistent and correct in reliving this infamous time in our countries political history. I would put this line right up there with, "I did no inhale" and "I am not a crook". Well written and interesting!

As you can see, book is deep blue cover, excellent condition, gold lettering. It is a first edition and numbered 88 of only 175 issues printed . Signature is black pen, no smudges, smears, and untouched.

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