From the estate of Fannie Chipman was a prominent early American feminist, archivist and painter whose most important work was preserving the history of women & their contributions to the greatness of America. Fannie Chipman close friends with Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature in 1921 and of Anne Morrow Lindbergh; Fannie worked closely with the famed suffragette Doris Stevens who was a co-founder and active supporter of the Congressional Union for Woman Sufferage. Norris Chipman was Fannie's husband and was a prominent US Diplomat in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. The great philosopher, poet, author, Paul-Louis Couchoud, was the grandfather of Fannie (Fanny) Chipman. Paul-Louis Couchoud, was the grandfather of Fannie (Fanny) Chipman. Theophania Camille Bunand-Sevastos "Fanny" Chipman , 93, who retired in 1967 as a protocol officer with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, died of a heart ailment Aug. 1 at her home in Altamonte Springs, Fla. She moved from McLean to Florida in 1990. Mrs. Chipman was a native of Asnieres, France, who studied art in France and at the Baltimore Art Institute. As a young woman, she posed for her uncle, sculptor Antoine Bourdelle, for his statue La France. She was Antoine Bourdelle's favorite niece who he nicknamed "Zezette". Fanny was a close friend of Anatole ... read more