George Sisler Autograph Baseball

This is a first…I am going to let go of an item from my 45-year sports memorabilia collection—one of George Sisler Autograph Baseball signatures.

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This autograph item you see in the picture is a stand alone, what you see in the picture is what you get nothing else. No extension over 14 days

Buyer will pay for Insurance and shipping do not pay until I send you an invoice.Please use the zoom to inspect this card prior to bidding please .

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I earned money from paper routes beginning at 8 years of age to build a foundation of sports memorabilia. I faithfully read “The Traders Speak”—published in Detroit, MI—from 1968 through the mid-70’s. Each month it updated and featured a collector’s corner explaining the “how to” to build a collection with current and past Hall of Fame players including home addresses.

In baseball’s offseason, several times a week I sent a minimum of 25-50 of the 3”x5” cards to multiple baseball players along
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