(RM) This rare page of original comic art by George Tuska is from an unidentified issue of CRIME DOES NOT PAY comics. Judging from the style, we believe it to be from the late 1940s, when Tuska was doing some of his very best work.This is page 3, featuring a sequence with the gangsters being chased by the cops, and wrecking their car. I love the dialog on these old pages. This page also features Mr. Crime in the last panel, narrating some of the events taking place. One way or the other, these gangsters always got their due in these great old crime comics, written by Dick Wood and Charlie Biro. They provided great excitement for the kids during the 1940s, and are still popular with us older kids today! Too bad Dr. Wertham didn't see it that way eh?
Tuska worked for the Lev-Gleason Company for nine years and during that time turned out his most gritty and hard-boiled work for both of their crime comic titles. Nearly 60 years later, this work is still held in high regard by his fans. Tuska went on to work for DC, Marvel, Tower, Harvey, Archie and other companies up until around the 1980s. He was eventually awarded an Inkpot Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 1997 San Diego Comic Con, and in 2005 a new book devoted to the artist and his work was published. This original has been in storage in a private collection for many years
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