Gerber Guardian Black Blade & Backup pair of boot knives mint in original boxes

Gerber Legendary Blades produced Guardian Black Blade and Guardian Back-up knives. This pair is a transitional set manufactured in the late 1980's when Gerber changed boot knife models from the Guardian to the Guardian Back-Up. Both knives are in unused condition in their original factory boxes. The Guardian Black Blade knife is form the "M" serial number block and the Back-Up is from the "P" serial number block. This late pattern Guardian has some transitional features not seen on standard production Guardian knives, most notably the blade style. The Back-Up has the Gerber logo stamped upon the blade and a serial number stamped upon the blade. These features are not seen on later production Gerber Back-Up knives. This pair will be a nice addition to complete a Guardian series knife collection. Please contact me with any questions. ++++ Bidders must be 21+ years old and it must be legal for you to won a knife of this type where you reside. USPS Priority mail shipping $12.00. No international sales.