German 2nd Lieutenant Waffen SS Officers Uniform WWII

An SS-Untersturmführer of the 20th "Sturm" of the SS-Totenkopfverbände

This is a second Lieutenant(leutnant) grey wool uniform. It is from one of the Waffen SS units (The Death Head Unit).The collar has the Skull patch that is embroidered in silver thread.The other side has the three pip patch.T is a cuff band with an embroidered skull in silver thread. The shoulder boards are those of a Lieutenant. The right sleeve has a shoulder patch of an eagle and symbol also in heavy silver thread.(.Email me with your email address for a picture of it.) The buttons are original and are marked on the back side in German. The lining has been rip open at four spots by someone searching for hidden items. This uniform is marked SG 48-1. I guess that is about a mans 38 in US measurements. Wool is in good condition with just a couple of tiny moth holes. Pants are in good condition, but are missing some of the fly buttons. Shipping will be $18.00 in the USA. All others please e-mail me for a price quote. Thanks for stopping by, Bigdog_rides.
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