This is a BEAUTIFUL example of a German Mantle Clock in wonderful condition. WITH BEAUTIFUL HALF HOUR AND HOUR STRIKE on a large Cathedral Gong! It was made by HALLER in Germany circa 1920. German clocks were the best made in the world with high quality craftsmanship with Haller being a very fine maker. The German clocks in our collection have not required any servicing and have kept perfect time for many, many years. This particular model is in BEAUTIFUL, NEAR ALL ORIGINAL condition. The clock is a beautiful wood (probably dark oak) with beautiful art deco style construction. It has a clean 8-day time and strike movement, which once on the half hour and strikes the hours on a great sounding cathedral gong – resonates for several seconds. This clock measures 9 ¾ inches high, 10 inches wide and 5 inches deep with heavy duty construction throughout. The movement runs very well and keeps good time. The replaced dial is in very good condition. Numbers are crisp. Runs great! Complete with a key and pendulum. The finish is the original and in superior condition, with art deco carvings. Original feet! These antique clocks amaze me - could you imagine any other consumer product still working perfectly after nearly 90 years! And the truly amazing thing it is ready for the next 100 years, and will probably run indefinitely with a little tender ... read more