is something I got made specially for me. It is an exact reproduction of a German army WWII vehicle license plate that is very accurate. The "WH" lettering on the plate indicates it is for the regular army (Whermacht Heer). The originals as well as this reproduction were painted on strong sheet metal with the use of a stencil. They were not reflective like regular plates since that would attract attention and give their position away. The set I am offering has both the front plate. The front rectangular wide plate measures 50CM (19 3/4") wide and 10CM (4")high. the rear plate is in a more compact shape and is 33CM (13") wide and 20CM (7 3/4") tall. I had the numbers made so that no two sets are alike and the one you see is the one you get. Postage within Europe is $21.00 Airmail to countries outside Europe like the US, Australia, NZ and Asian countries is $27.00 and only $12 for surface mail. I am well able to accept all regular money orders from the US including from the post office and the grocery store, no need for international money orders. I even accept US bank cashiers checks and PAYPAL. Other payment options are also available, just ask and I will see what I can do. I HAVE OTHER BRANCHES OF SERVICE AVAILABLE SUCH AS LUFTWAFFE AND ELITE GUARD FORCE.
I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal Money

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