German Army WWI Mauser Gewehr 1898 Gew. 98 Rifle Sling

WWI German Model Gewehr 98 Gew.98 rifle sling. This is the model with swivel buckle, detatchable sling swivel, and parade loop. This is a replica made just like the originals. The sling has been patterend off of Paul Pietsch's drawings from his book on Prussian/German equipment from WWI and before. A copy of the drawings and regulations are sent with every sling. The brown saddle leather sling is dyed and stitched,by me, with the correct linen thread in the German pattern of stitching. Made just like the original. I have been making these slings for over 25 years and they are like the original German quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Original slings are impossible to find, so complete that rifle of yours with a sling that is as near the original as possible. All the metal hardware is original German manufacture. These slings really dress up your rifle. More pictures of the slings are on my website at . I also make slings for the Mauser 1871, 71/84, Kar.71, Gew.88, Kar.88, Kar.98AZ, Kar.98b, KKW, and DSM.