Old German Bundesgrenzschutz Federal Border Guard Uniform Camo Jacket Camouflage

Coolold jacket salvaged from the German Federal Border Guard branch of the military. This jacket buttons down the front and has one button missing, has four front pockets, all with button down flaps with no missing buttons, one inside pocket; on the left sleeve is has a flap over a pocket that looks like it might be for bullet storage and the pocket is secured with both velcro and snaps. The Bundesgrenzschutz logo is on the flap and the logo has been slashed and repaired with a zig-zag stitch.

There is a label inside and I have no idea what it means (see photo). There is no size tag inside but I would consider this to be a mens size large or extra large.

This jacket comes from a salvage store that buys big lots of surplus from bigger salvage companies. When this jacket was determined to be surplus by the German military, they attempted to make it worthless by slashing the fabric in several places. Somewhere along the line in the process of disposal, it was rescued, repaired, and shipped off to the United States.

Look closely at the photos and note all the slashes that have been cut and repaired.