German Dagger Army 2nd Luftwaffe Blade Tiger

Original Tiger blade. It si dark but not really pitted. Good news is not sharpened or retipped. Has potential. Try your hand at polishing. I have other dagger parts. UNFORTUNATELY BRAND NEW POLICY:I have had some items CLAIMED to not make it to their destination overseas lately. I have tried to keep my shipping costs down but because of the overseas problems I, in most cases, will no longer ship items that sold for more than $50 overseas by USPS unless it is registered and return receipt. That automatically adds a minimum of $17 for shipping. If we have done business before I may waive that cost. I don't want to but I am not covered by paypal unless I can prove the item made it to its destination. THERE ARE MORE AND MORE CROOKS OUT THERE. I guess I was too trusting. Overseas buyers: If your country does not allow the item please don't bid. I will claim the auction price on the custom's form. If there is something you need let me know and I will let you know when it is going on auction. , my feedback speaks for itself. Money back, guaranteed, if not as advertised. If for any reason you would give me anything other than positive feedback please email me first! Have a great day.