German Dagger Brown Elite Upper Scabbard Fitting NS

Very nice original upper fitting in nickel silver. Second pix looks like a big crease but most of that is because of pix lighting. Not that bad. I have other dagger parts. UNFORTUNATELY POLICY: I have had some items CLAIMED to not make it to their destination overseas lately. I have tried to keep my shipping costs down but because of the overseas problems I, in most cases, will no longer ship items that sold for more than $50 overseas by USPS unless it is registered and return receipt. That automatically adds a minimum of $17 for shipping. If we have done business before I may waive that cost. I don't want to but I am not covered by paypal unless I can prove the item made it to its destination. THERE ARE MORE AND MORE CROOKS OUT THERE. I guess I was too trusting. Overseas buyers: If your country does not allow the item please don't bid. I will claim the auction price on the custom's form. If there is something you need let me know and I will let you know when it is going on auction. , my feedback speaks for itself. Money back, guaranteed, if not as advertised. If for any reason you would give me anything other than positive feedback please email me first! Have a great day.