German Dove Head Sword -Great Condition !!

This auction is for a beautiful condition unmarked German Dove Head Sword. I personally found this in the basement rafter of an estate. It was in a scabbard that fit fine except for being 3" too short which is why I'm splitting them up into 2 auctions. This auction is for the SWORD ONLY !! The plating on the sword is super condition & still very bright. T is a sliver off the back of the handle insert that is shown in a pic. Also t is VERY fine pitting (almost un-mentionable) on the handle plating & the upper 3" of the blade that was not covered by the NOT INCLUDED scabbard and some fine scratching on the blade. . As I said....the plating is very bright & doesn't really show in the pic's. The blade is 34 1/2" & 39 1/2" total with the handle. All & all ...a super example ! For more pic's or questions - just ask. Offered at no reserve.

Update....I had a request for more pics with the scabbard. As I hope you can see....the scabbard that was with the sword is just too short. It slides in & bottoms out , but sticks out 3". In fact , in a new close-up pic can see the faint line on the blade w it was exposed.