German Eagle Prussia Army War Battle Cavalry Hussar Uhlan Guidon Pennant Flag

German / Prussian - Uhlan / Hussar Lance Guidon

Offered is this fine High Quality hand embroidered banner of a Prussian Lance Guidon / Pennon. Each Uhlan Regiment or Company would have versions of these. These were used from Napoleanic Wars and into WWI. Vary few originals remain and would cost into the many thousands.

We have faithfully recreated this with hand stitched outside canvas and bunting with 4 metal grommets.

This stunningly detailed Guidon is a great item to display with your military collection.
Size is 13 inches wide x 26 inches long and is pictured with both sides embroidery.
Custom Designs Available
Shipping and Handling Outside USA $19.99 Priority Mail

Get a fine Guidon of the mighty German military of old. Buy now and enjoy !