German Empire 1876 2 Marks Coin ***Classic Mint Coin***

Auction is for Coin pictured.

Authenticity Guarantee:

For any coin that sells for 50$ or greater, I will guarantee authenticity as follows: if you provide any substantial evidence that a coin is a fake, I will refund your money in full, including shipping, and including any grading fee you incur with NGC or PCGS in determine the coin is fake. (Ie, if the coin is returned by the grading agency as "counterfeit". This guarantee is VOIDED if you clean or otherwise modify the coin in any way.

Combined shipping: 2nd and all additional items purchased within 2 days are shipped free in the same package (including international orders). In other words, if you buy 10 coins, I'll ship them all for the highest shipping charge on any of the auctions won. If you're bidding on multiple items, please wait for an invoice before paying. For extra mail services (express, etc.) I will charge actual cost, just let me know your preference.

Registered Mail required at buyer's cost for shipments to Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, China, Cambodia, Laos, India and Indonesia with a shipping charge of $25.

Registered Mail may be required at buyer's cost and at my sole discretion for any international shipment over $50 or any U.S. shipment over $500.

I will ship to most places, excepting Africa, South America, Eastern
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