German Flak Vest, Flecktarn pattern, large body armor

This is a used but in good condition German flak vest with a flecktarn pattern. It has a pocket in front for additional protection in the form of ballistic plates (not included). I believe that this is a size large, because inside on the label I see "GL" after the name which I think stands for Groß/Large (plus, I also normally wear vests of that size). Stamped on the inside is "Made in Germany" plus the following info is on the label: "Körperpanzerung, Splitterschutz, Splitterschutzweste, GL, 8470-12 Q/B22B/Q0304/P4656, Bund 1995, Westen-Nr. 32280" plus cleaning instructions. Similar vests on eBay are said to offer 2A protection, though I am not sure and please verify the level of protection before use.

This would be a great gift for paintballers or collectors, but also for anyone who may at some point travel through dangerous areas as part of their job (such as journalists, contractors, etc.). Again, if used for personal protection, the wearer assumes full responsibility for use or the level of protection offered by the vest.