German Folding Paratrooper's knife? or letter opener?

You are looking at what I was told might be a german paratrooper's knife. I also noticed that ebay's automatic category finder has put this knife in the modern(1970-now)category. This knife is NOT a modern one. It was made either during or right after the war. Sorry for the confusion with that! I really think that it could be a letter opener. It looks like a rather easily made weapon of letter destruction. Or could it have been carried on a descent to the ground by a german paratrooper back in the 30's or 40's? Or did a German paratrooper open his letters from home on the way to the ground when he was dropped from his plane? Who knows? Anyhow, 's the skinny on this "Knife" The handle is brass with a steel blade. It folds into itself to hide or conceal the blade. T is a small clip with the insignia of an eagle with a swastika under it in the middle of a wreath. The clips snaps off to open and shut the knife. The length of the knife is 5 5/8 inches from end to end opened, 7 3/4 inches from end to end opened, and the blade has a total length of 4 1/2 inches. Rather large to open letters eh? Maybe WWII box cutter? On the blade it has the insignia of a squirrel surrounded by the words Carl Eickhorn above it and Solingen under the squirrel. On the handle it has the following: A semi circle with R Z M in it, and the following : M 7/66/3 ... read more