German Gov. 7% City of Duisburg, 1000 US$ Gold Bond 1925 uncancelled + coupons

German Government - City of Duisburg ,

7 %; 2 0 Year, 1000 US$ S erial Gold Bond,192 5

Due November 1th 19 45

Uncancelled with coupon sheet,

coupons no. 19 - 4 0.

City of New York
Interest payable at 1th of May and November.
According to Moodys Governments and Municipals, 1954
by john Moody:
in default, still unpayed.
redemtion by the City of Duisburg is expected

International bidders wellcome!

payment by paypal

Shipping to US = 5,50 $.

By DHL International Express = 75 US$

Europe: 4,00 Euro

Inland: 2,50 Euro

more details about the Young Bonds
Speculating on Germany's Past Soldiers of Fortune

By Christoph Pauly and Wolfgang Reuter

During the 1920s, the cash-strapped German government acquired foreign capital through loans. Germany did not pay all of its loans back though, and the remaining bonds could be worth billions today. Now soldiers of fortune, speculators and lawyers are launching a money-hungry onslaught on Germany's central bank.

Now the bonds cast their magical spell on speculators and soldiers of fortune, and for a good reason: The loans have to be repaid in "gold coins from the United States, with the standard weight and fineness
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