German Helmet M40 single decal 100% original M1942 Heer

Up for action is an M40 German Heer Helmet. It does not have a chin strap and the inside liner is fraying, please see pics. Helmet also has seen combat as it is battle scared w/ a bullet crease on the side. This adds huge character to the helmet as it was used by a fighting man and not some wuss hidding in a barn like you always hear about (barn found or warehouse find). Helmet has typical wear marks and scratches but does not deter from the overall look. Please email me for more pics. This M1940 Heer Helmet has not been altered and is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. The helmet retains most of the Original Field Green finish. The single Heer Eagle decal was well applied into the texture of the helmet, and is about 50% intact. The decal has a nice tone to it as well. It is stamped w/ Q62 and the product # 1257. Q indicates that this helmet was manufactured at the Quist firm plant in Esslingen, Germany

Will ship only to U.S. , Canada, U.K. and Australia