German Iron Cross Patriotic Ring Gold for Iron WW1

WW1 German patriotic ring. These rings were given to those who gave their gold for the war effort. The top of the ring bears the iron cross surrounded left and right by oak leaves signifying strength. Below the leaves on the one side is the year 1914, the year WW1 started. On the opposite side DHG and below NY. DHG standing for Deutche Heimats Gruppe or translated German Home Group, NY for New York. These rings were made state side for Germany 2 years prior to the United States getting involved. See the patent dated NOV.24 1914 marked on underside of ring in photo. Below DHD NY on the band in German is the phrase: Gab Ich in Schwererzeit ihm Gold Fur Dieses Eisen. Translated: In these hard times I gave gold for this iron. On the opposite side below 1914, in German is Dem Alten Vaterland Die Treue Zu Weisen. Translated: To honor my old Fatherland.
I don`t know the size but it is small as you can see in photo with the dime. There is corrosion, scratches and wear as can be expected and visible in photos. It looks great to wear making a great conversation piece, or just add to a display.