Vintage German King Stoneware
Lidded Beer Stein

This terrific, vintage, original KING #5 German stoneware lidded beer stein was handcrafted in Germany by KING, and depicts Austria's Coat of Arms on the face panel. It stands 7¾" tall, weighs 1 pound 13 ounces, is numbered 605 and is in excellent condition. The stamp on the bottom reads "Original King", "Austria", "Handmade, Handpainted, Handarbeit, Handmalerei". It is also stamped ½ on the bottom, which would indicate a half liter. This stein is topped with a hand painted Bald Eagle on the heavy conical pewter lid with hinge and thumb lifts.

The double-headed eagle of the Hapsburg-Lorrin dynasty, used as Austria- Hungary's coat of arms between 1867 and 1915 is the one hand painted on the face panel of this stein. The Hapsburg family used the eagle, first one-headed and later two-headed as the main supporter behind the shield. The head represents the dual sovereignty of the Emporer (secular and religious) and/or dominance over both East and West. The two-headed eagle continued to be on Austria's coat of arms until 1938. The eagle's claws hold a golden sickle and a golden hammer. From 1934, to the German annexation in 1936, Austria used this coat of arms, which consisted of a double-headed eagle with the broken chains âe" which later symbolized the liberation
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