German Knights Cross Ernst Barkmann PANZER ACE signed

I am selling a RARE Ernst Schmuck-Barkmann German Top PANZER Ace and Knights Cross Recipient. The Knights Cross was Germanys highest award for valor during WWII. THIS IS A AUTHENTIC HAND AUTOGRAPHED 4x6 glossy photo. If you are not arware of Mr Schmuck Barkmann war accomplishments please read the following bio:

Normandy The Das Reich division remained on the Eastern front until January 1944. Early in February, the division was ordered to France to refit and to form a part of Panzergruppe West, the armoured reserve for the expected allied invasion. Leaving its remaining armour behind for other divisions to use, the Das Reich was posted to the Bordeaux region. With the exception of several skirmishes with partisans, the refit was uneventful. Barkmann, along with the rest of the division's panzer regiment, was equipped with new model Panthers.

Operation Overlord, the expected allied invasion, was launched on 6 June 1944. When the division was released for action by Führer headquarters, it was placed on high alert and remained in Southern France in case of secondary invasions t When it became clear that the Normandy invasion was the major allied effort, the Division was ordered north to the front. The division's transit to the front was marked by heavy Jabo and partisan attacks. Barkmann and the panzer regiment were not
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