German L@@K nice 1 3/4" solid core marble large swirl

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(1) Large solid core swirl marble..Measures right about 1 3/4". I am not sure if it is German but looks just like the others that are listed as German. Please note how zoomed in the pictures are, see how large the date of the penny is. I decided to get you good pictures rather than just snapping 1 or 2 from a distance. Most of what you are seeing are air bubbles and lines inside of the marble. The surface really isn't bad, but does have some minor normal wear. In the picture with the penny you can see t is one small mooner/chip nothing huge. The core looks red, white, blue, and green. T are yellow lines on the red, blue, and green in the core. Also note in the picture with the dime I'm trying to show one of what looks like a line of air in the marble, t are several in the marble just like it that swirl in sequence with the yellow bands,
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