Offered for sale is this superb and meticulously accurate re-enactment Kriegsmarine Captain's rank dark topped full dress peaked visor cap. This elegant hat features a richly hand embroidered gold bullion junior officer Kriegsmarine scallop pattern on the cloth covered, genuine lacquered leather bound visor. Affixed to the authentic Mohair capband is a supremely high quality hand embroidered gold bullion oakleaf wreath and cockade. This insignia is just gorgeous and the wreath is high relief and very 3-dimensional, as it should be, and is a full 1/2" thick! Many reproduction hats currently offered on eBay have flat, blazer-badge style wreaths; not this one! This insignia was directly modelled after period original examples and is the finest I have even seen. Please note that ALL correct insignia are affixed to the hat including the embroidered bird (which is also superb!). The hat is constructed from correct dark Navy blue military issue medium nap Melton wool (not synthetic), with the proper oversize "floppy" appearance. T is a glossy genuine patent leather Kriegsmarine pattern chincord, with correct black snap button, and it is affixed to the hat by two shiny small gold Kriegsmarine "fouled anchor" officers' buttons. These are genuine Assmann "feuervergoldet" (fire gilded) marked buttons. They are superlatively well made and "correct ... read more