German Navy (Reichsmarine) Tobacco Card Album

This book entitled "Deutsch Reichsmarine" (German Reichs Navy) is an original German tobacco card album containing 293 photographic cigarette cards and other photos chronicling the German Navy in the mid 1930's time frame. An unusual feature of these cards is the fact that many of the cards have been color tinted to enhance their clarity and appearance. This "coffee table" book measures 11 1/4" x 11 1/4" and has hard cardboard covers containing 75 pages. It is in good condition with the normal aging of a book of this vintage. I don't read German but the photos, illustrations and detailed diagrams are more than self-explanatory. This is a remarkable overview of German naval operations and power in the 1930's.

The beginning of the book has an extraordinary full page photo of Reichs Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Raeder, and the Captain of the German Battleship "Deutschland" Captain Zee von Fischel, taken in 1934 on board the "Deutschland". (See picture #2) This photograph as much as any I have ever seen depicts the intensity and the ambition of the German Navy in becoming a world recognized naval power.

The photos include some remarkable shots from World War I, e.g. pictures #3 & 4 and then transition rapidly to naval operations in the mid 1930's. They depict everything from active
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