GERMAN NOTGELD- Westphalia Province 1923 50 Million Mark-XRARE XLARGE COIN!

Welcome to my ebay! The coin in the photographs is the coin up for sale. The third image is a Statue of von Stein at the town hall in Wetter, Hesse (not included in this listing).
This listing is for 1 coin.
This Coin is a Beatifically preserved 1923 50 Million Mark Coin is from the German Westphalia Province. Larger than a US Large Silver Dollar or a British Crown!
About the Man on the Coin Heinrich Friedrich Karl Reichsfreiherr vom Stein (October 25, 1757 – June 29, 1 831), commonly known as Baron vom Stein, was a Prussian statesman who introduced the Prussian reforms that paved the way for the unification of Germany. He promoted the abolition of serfdom, with indemnification to territorial lords; subjection of the nobles to manorial imposts; and, the establishment of a modern municipal system.
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Different names for Notgeld:

Aine Grosche, Bezirkskriegsgeldermark, Ersatzgeld, Kreisersatzgeldmarke, Kriegsgeld, Kriegsnotgeld, Kriegsmünze, Kriegs-Notmünze, Kleingeldersatz, Kleingeldersatzmarke, Kriegswertmark, Notstandsgeld, Öcher Groshe, Thalergeld, Verrechnungsmarke.

Notgeld Reference Book (Sold Separately)

The 2012 8th Edition
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