German Prussian M.1852 Faschinenmesser Infantry Short Sword or M.1849 Artillery

This auction is for an old brass handled German Short Sword. I believe it is a Model 1852 Prussian Faschinenmesser (FM52). I've seen it described both as a Prussian Model 1849 artillery faschinenmesser (FM49) and as a Prussian Model 1852 Infantry Faschinenmesser, newer art (newer model). It was likely used by both artillery and infantry units. The overall length is 23" and the blade length is 18 1/2 ". The blade is etched with a military motif of helmets and flags, etc. The blade has some darkening and light rust. The blade shows sign of old sharpening and one small nick. It is a smaller, lighter, private purchase undress wear piece rather than a heavy government ordnance issue battlefield/wartime use sword. This one is very small and dainty, possibly child's size. The blade is marked with the beehive logo of Samuel Hoppe of Germany (1827-1885). The spine of the blade is marked in script letters "A Weiner in Berlin". The very tip of the blade is blunt One side of the brass "S" shaped guard is bent in a bit towards the handle. It does not have a scabbard. There is a little bit of wiggle between the blade and the handle. It has not been taken apart.
Here is an article regarding the military use of this sidearm, including a photo of a Transvaal soldier wearing one during the Boer War.
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