German Regimental Beer Stein 1906/08 with Lithopane

A German Regimental Beer Stein. This Porcelain Beer Stein has a handcrafted antique pewter lid and thumblift, dated 1906/08. Pewter Scenes of the Military air Ship Regiment during World War I are depicted. Lithopane in base depicts half-dressed girl caressing her leg and she dips her toes into the water of a stream, excellent condition with no spider webs. Measures 11 1/4 inches. Holds 17 oz (.5ltr). Made in Germany by TheWalt.

Following the conclusion of the Franco-Prussian War, the newly organized Imperial German Armed Forces was broken into six basic land divisions, plus the Navy. These were Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, Technician Troops, Colonial Guard and the Military Supply Train. With the introduction of early aircraft such as the dirigible around the turn-of-the-century, the Air Force stein was born.

Military service was compulsory and deemed one of honor. The successful completion of a reservist's active duty was a milestone worth commemorating. Since many types of steins were available to the reservist, competition to supply him with his choice and decorated to his individual specifications, rapidly became a primary goal of the German stein industry. Tfore, a stein is defined regimental (or reservist) as any stein purchased by (or given to) a soldier (sailor, etc.) commemorating his termination of active
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