German REGIMENTAL STEIN Regt 112 Mulhausen 1904-1906

This auction offers an authentic German Regimental STEIN with a Soldier's Farewell lithopane in the bottom. I am not experienced with steins but believe this one was presented to Reservist Rastatter of the 112 Regiment. A list of the other Reservists serving from 1904 to 1906 is on the side of the stein. The stein appears to be handpainted with raised detail on the uniform buttons and other accents. The helmet on the soldier on the lid corresponds with those on the stein. The thumblift is the Griffin representing the German state of Baden. The stein is 11" high to the top of the finial and 4 1/4" across at the base. T are no markings. This piece is in excellent estate condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. T is light crazing of the glaze on the bottom of the stein only. The lid looks good with the proper oxidation on the outside and lighter on the inside. T is a little "play" in the lid and it might be missing a small support w the thumbhold is attached to the handle (see photo). Not at all noticeable but mentioned for accuracy. Again, I am not an expert on steins but everything about this one looks right. Please see the photos and judge for yourself--any info appreciated! This handsome antique German Regimental Stein will be an outstanding addition to a collection! U.S. shipping and very careful packing will vary with your ... read more