I used one PE 2040 turntable when I was in business school. I had VPI mark III($1200 without tonearm) and later Aries($2500 without arm) turntable at the same time. PE 2040 out-performed both VPI III with rega arm and VPI Aries with SME arm every time I play them in A vs B. PE 2040 if set up nicely, would have more dynamics and more musical presentable than the dead boring sound from VPI. As a result, I bought a small collection of PE turntables from a Washington area collector. This for sale unit is one of them.

Design: Heavy metal platter with rim drive design. US voltage 117V 60Hz. Made in Germany by PERPETUUM EBNER. The PE company made nicer tuables but less known in the outside world. The next door Dual turntable sold far more consumer turntables and could afford to buy out this PE competition. Finally, Dual just did it and closed down PE production. A few PE ex emplyees restarted high end turntable business later on in late 1990's.

Condition: clean excellent, but it is a vintage electronics, it is more for restoration(CLA), even though it works at this time. Sold As Is.