German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Weathervane

Remember the Holidays are right around the corner and this item would make a great Gift for someone on your Christmas list!!! German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Weathervane

This German Shorthaired Pointer weathervane is constructed of a multiple gage metals and painted with a powder coat paint finish. Powder coating gives the weathervane a copper look, and helps to prevent rust. This weathervane also features a high quality ball bearing windcups that will move very fast and smooth in the wind.

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The weathervane comes with the garden mount, which is made of a solid 1/2" rod.

The garden mount, which simply sticks into the ground, makes it the most popular and the most universal mount.
T are three other mounts available for this weathervane.

Prior to shipping , if you want one of the other three different mounts, I will exchange the garden mount for you at NO extra cost . To exchange the mount, you need to put a note in with your payment stating your desired mount.

The three other mounts come with a shorter 1/2" pole (roughly 15" tall). The following are the three mounts:

Roof Mount: a V-shaped mounting plate that bends to any pitched roof.

Side Mount: a 3"X3" plate that attaches
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