German Style Frog for 98/05 Butcher Bayonet - WWI

German S98/05 Bayonet Frog

Most of you collectors are by now familiar with my handmade re-creations of 19th century leather bayonet frogs. Being an avid bayonet collector and a onetime professional leathercraftsman, I have put my two interests together and attempted to make the best possible replicas of these frogs. The patterns for these frogs were created using drawings from Carter's "Bayonet Belt Frogs" and input from fellow bayonet collectors, including photos of rare specimens. (Special thanks to Rik and Jeff and Stefan) The number will be quite limited as I can only make them in the winter and only as time permits as they are quite time intensive to make.

The leather used is tanned by the same methods available in the mid 19th century. The hardware is as close as can be duplicated. Stitching is done by hand and replicates the original stitching to the best of my ability using 4 cord linen thread waxed with pure beeswax. Buckle, strap, and keeper are also secured by hand stitching. I sincerely believe you will never find a better leather frog for your bayonets unless you are lucky enough to secure an original in great condition.

The frogs are finished with a liberal application of neatsfoot oil and a final coat of mink oil, both consistant with oils used in the mid 19th century. Guaranteed for 100
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