German WW II Field Rations  Erbswurst and Hartkeks

German WW II Field Rations - Erbswurst and Hartkeks

you have the makings of a hearty lunch in the field. In this grouping you will get:

1 Compressed Soup Ration - "Erbswurst". This has been the German Army's portable food since the 19 th century, and is a very portable and highly nourishing "Iron Ration" type food. We have these shipped over from Germany , factory fresh and made by the war time manufacturer. Each ration (1 roll) contains 6 individual pellets of compressed Split Pea Soup (quite tasty!!!), each of which, when prepared by crushing into ¼ Liter (½) pint of boiling water and letting sit for a minute, makes a full soup ration for one man. Thus, this rare commodity will make 6 individual rations for one man (Many Landser's stored leftover pellets in their mess kit or butter dish). This alone will make your impression--Also an easy way to feed your Gruppe in the field by cooking up 3 pints of soup in a mess kit and supplementing with Hartkek.

I packet of Hartkeks - a 125 gram package of crispy cracker-like hardbread that is perfect for crumbling into the Erbswurst.

1 packet of Bohnenkaffee - this is the real thing; a 20 gram packet of ground coffee ready to be brewed and consumed with your meal, or afterward while leaning back for a moment.

Sorry, the dummy grenade is not included
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