German WW II Field Telephone * Unique Military Marks

This German Military Telephone meets E Bay requirements.

A TRUE COLLECTOR'S ITEM FROM WW11! This Telephone Set is Unique and very well Military marked.

This is the real thing - not a copy or Type! This is a Genuine WW11 German Field Army Telephone Set. The Field Telephone has very well marked Waffenampts. Please see the pictures to fully appreciate this Telephone set. Telephone is Dated 1941 - look closely in the pictures and you can see it It appears to be complete including the crank handle and Blakelite case. To better appreciate this historic item - check out the pictures to properly evaluate and appreciate this Unique Item . The Bakelite Case has a crack fissure on the right front of case - hardly noticeable, but want it noted. This set is in much better condition and better marked than the other few I have seen or had.

These German captured telephones were re-issued by Norway and the Netherlands after the war - this one has the German Phonetics on the outside lid. They never removed the German Army marking on the phone!

Shown is exactly the WW11 German Military Phone set that you will get ! This is the Genuine Article from WW11!

Note : This WWII German Army Telephone was re-issued during the Cold War for Norway or Denmark. What a history.

The bakelite case is in nice condition
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