Original GermaN WW2 pre 1945 visor hat for EM/NCO member of the German Red-Cross aoraginzation! Very rare to get, first one I have founded in alll these years at work!! Is in used but very good condition, no mothing!! .Is grey woolen, with white piping. Has original insigna at front (I know this is not the official Red Cross cockade, but thsi is the way I have founded it and it seems all original to me!!!). Red cross insigna is not present, sorry. Size 59 (L-XL) Has name label inside see pics!! Don't let this one pass!!

I get frequently questions on a professional level, I tell you how I have obtained it: I work for over 15 years in a textile recycling company in the Netherlands . We sort out over 150.000 kilograms of collected and used clothing every week. It is a middle big company which employs 30 persons. The clothing we are sorting comes from the Red-cross, Salvation Army and Churches. 90% of our clothing is imported from Germany . These clothing comes from house to house collecting all over Germany (they do that at a 2 month base over A couple of years ago I noticed at ebay that military uniforms and special WW2, are valuable. So when I find things, witch I believe are WW2 ore just interesting for collectors I will list them at ebay. (see my other auctions) I have a lot of know-how about clothing (for example late
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